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Wellness Happy Hour with Ketel One Botanicals - at Cyclebar!

We are focussing on wellness and health as we renew the year. 

CycleBar class: 5:15p-6p

Cocktails (discounted), complementary light bites, and a Q&A from the CycleBar team


The promo code is SISTERLYLOVE15 and that will discount the class to $15, in order to purchase, you have to create an account and  can book as early as today!

 Go to to purchase your class with the promo code SISTERLYLOVE15

2. Create an acct. It will take you to the screen to set it up. If not got to to create an account

3. After you have successfully purchased your $15 class, please book your class by going to and find "View Schedule" or "Find a Class"

4. Find Sisterly Love Happy Hour Ride for Thursday 4/14 at 5:15pm with Susannah Greenwood

5. Choose your bike and hit continue

6. Hit "I agree to covid precautions"

7. Confirm booking

8. You will receive a confirmation call/text tomorrow from a CBCC team member to confirm your ride and go over any questions