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In Hope and Celebration: Women's History Month 2021

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Women’s History Month 2021 was unlike any we’ve ever celebrated. It was filled with collaborations and conversations, inventive new partnerships, meaningful and challenging discussion, and exuberant Sisterly Love Food Fairs every single weekend.

Thank you so much to all of you who joined us in some way, whether for a stroll at Cherry Street pier or a virtual conversation over dinner. We know that pandemic-fatigue is wearisome, and that so many of you have been standing up strong in support of small businesses for SO LONG now. And we see you and appreciate you so much, for joining us in lifting up sisterhood and finding hope and joy in this tentative new spring.

One year ago, we were all grappling with what the pandemic meant for our businesses, our families, and our communities. And so many of us felt very alone. Thankfully, for many of us in the restaurant industry, this March has felt 100% different. It’s felt uplifting, creative, and energizing. And so much of that shift is because women in our industry have come together as a united force to carry each other through one of the hardest experiences any of us has ever faced.

As members of the Philadelphia Women in Food Community, we continue to learn so much from each other’s determination, leadership, resourcefulness, and resilience. We swap information on where to get takeout supplies, and bolster each other with strategy sessions and shoutouts on social media.

And our biggest shoutout goes to all of you, and to all of the people who joined us in community and conversation this month. Our very special thanks to Angela Duckworth, The Walnut Club, Wharton Women in Business, Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs, Kerry Diamond, and 100 Women in Finance.

Thank you all. Here’s to more collaboration, joy, and sisterhood ahead!

Philadelphia Women in Food